Staged Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the biggest selling points of any Virginia Beach home. Buyers will notice a bright, squeaky clean kitchen! It's very important to clean, purge, organize, declutter, and accessorize the kitchen with well-placed items (flowers, plants, fresh fruit) for a pop of color and incorporate proper lighting.

Staged Living Areas

The living room is where most Hampton Roads homeowners spend the most time. It's where they relax and entertain. It's important to arrange furniture in a manner that allows potential buyers to envision themselves in a room they'll be spending a lot of time in.

Staged Master Bedrooms

Staging a master bedroom helps potential buyers establish the size of the room and helps them visualize how they can arrange their own furniture. Proper lighting, furniture placement, and well-placed accessories can create a calm and clean environment that attracts Hampton Roads buyers.

Staged Bathrooms

When it comes to bathrooms, prospective Virginia Beach home buyers are looking for clean and comfortable. Deep cleaning, polished fixtures, and well-placed accessories (ie candles, towels) can give buyers a sense of luxury that remind them of a day-spa.

Staged Dining Areas

Set the table! A well-staged dining area will get potential Hampton Roads home buyers excited about the idea of hosting their own dinner parties and family dinners.